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About Us

​Bulls Bros is a small  independent game studio. It was founded by two students in 2014. At first it was simple mobile games. A few time later we realized that we want more: to make original games, not only time killers but games with a story.


Then we decided that it's time to grow up. We had almost everything to make games, and, fortunately, we had a good imagination. But we were still afraid to start a serious project. We decided to try and start with not a big project. We didn't even know what to expect.


Well, to be honest, this is not the best project we had been working on. Bugs, crashes...  But everyone makes mistakes when they learn to walk. And we are no exception. It gave us valuable experience. Our second project was more successful. We took into account the errors and omissions of the first project.

Now we continue to make games. We have a lot of stories that we want to tell.


Our Projects


Bulls Bros

From the very beginning, our desire was to create different worlds and bring our ideas to life.
We have several projects under development and some ideas that we would like to realize in the future


Bulls Bros

​Time to time we create game/production ready
​3D models for marketplaces: characters, game assets, environment objects, etc.



The gaming industry is ever-changing. Technology improves and design philosophies become outdated.
In order to keep up and grow as professionals, we try to diversify our experience. Outsource gives us the opportunity to master skills and become better as developers

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